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Pretty Little Recap: Gamma Zeta Die!

kelly duncan pledges …


Drama, drama, drama… as if you would expect anything else from our Little Liars.
It didn’t take long for “A” to strike tonight. Unfortunately, the victim was poor unsuspecting Ella, Aria’s mom. Last week, Aria had convinced her mom to move to Vienna with her pastry chef boyfriend, Zack, for a few months. Ella thinks her daughter is simply a hopeless romantic who doesn’t want Ella to risk losing true love when her boyfriend leaves. In reality, Aria is hoping to save her from, “A’s” wrath. It’s certainly not a bad idea to put an ocean between Ella and “A,” but Ella is victimized well before she has the chance to move.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 9.32.57 PM

Somehow, “A” managed to get an entire swarm of bees into the ventilation system of Ella’s car while out in public, in broad daylight. She is stung by a ridiculous amount of bees and is sent to bed, presumably with a fair amount of pain killers. For some reason “A” seems pretty set on destroying the parent’s this season. I can’t wait to see how “A” goes after Spencer high-powered attorney of a mother.

Meanwhile, Hanna’s mom has not been let off the hook. Let’s not forget, “A” can multi-task. Hanna decided to go digging around in her mom’s closet, which is locked for pretty much the first time ever, hoping to find her mom’s muddy shoes. Instead she finds a gun and jumps to the conclusion that her mom must’ve used that gun to kill Wilden. While there has been plenty of evidence to lead us towards Ashley’s guilt we can’t forget that almost nothing on this show is ever what it seems and that there is always a pretty strong possibility that that gun was planted.

Now, Spencer’s mom has set up a meeting for her with a guy named, Brendan McGowan, who is supposed to be able to find a way to make Spencer look more appealing to colleges after her stay at Radley. She had already been rejected by her first choice, U Penn, which will make her the first Hastings ever to not attend. Oh, the horror. They clearly can’t allow even the possibility of not getting into any other schools. Spencer thinks the coach is a joke, but realizes that there is a school, Cicero College, that could be a connection to the dead phone line and uses Brendan to get her a campus visit. Spencer invites Emily along for the ride thinking she can do some more snooping into who Ali’s ex-boyfriend was and more importantly, where the dead end phone number leads.

The girls visit, Cicero College and after hearing about sorority scholarships from Brendan, Emily wants to check out a sorority party in hopes of getting in good with the people that can help her land a scholarship. Now that her shoulder is screwed up and her hopes of landing a swimming scholarship to Stanford are shot, she needs all the help she can get. Spencer has no idea that Emily is serious about the campus visit and has a one track mind set to finding Ali’s killer. When Emily tells Spencer to back off for the night, Spencer calls her out on flirting with Brendan even though she is gay. They get into a fight and split ways. I was proud of Emily for telling Spencer what a spoiled “snotrag” she was, because quite frankly, if these were real people, I would totally feel the same way.

Once they split up, Hanna shows up at the party with the incriminating gun in her bag. Spencer freaks out about it and tells her to just sit somewhere at the party and to wait until she finds Emily and they can all go to Hanna’s dad, who is also a lawyer and original owner of the gun to figure things out with him. Emily had just run off somewhere unknown with Brendan. In her search, she didn’t find Emily, but she did find an abandoned “bunker” type room that was completely empty except for a single light and an unplugged telephone. Spencer proceeds to plug in the phone and call Aria. Aria answers with a, “who is this?” letting Spence know that she just hit the jackpot. It was indeed the mystery line she’d been searching for. The big question now is why was, Ali constantly calling a random room in a sorority house and who was on the other line. What’s more intriguing is who has made the scratches on the wall that Spencer notices on her way out. Only time will tell.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 9.33.20 PM

What has Hanna been doing to occupy herself this whole time? I’m glad you asked. Fed up with the drunken boys that are continuously spilling food on her, she has an epiphany and decides to do something that will prove to be stupid. She grabs an empty beer mug and runs into the woods without telling anyone.

Emily just happens to spot Hanna at the party and goes running after her leaving Brendan behind. He goes after her, and she finally fesses up to the real reason he doesn’t have a chance with her. He seems slightly shocked and offers to help Em find Hanna anyway. She thanks him, but goes after Hanna herself. This is when we see that Hanna was using that beer mug to dig a hole and bury the gun in the woods. Emily and Spencer find each other in the woods, and unfortunately for her the police find Hanna. How on earth they found her and had any idea that a petite blond that strayed from a sorority party was actually burying a potential murder weapon… well, I’d have to assume they received an anonymous tip.


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