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The WWE-ek Special Edition: Who is The Wyatt Family?

michael dworkis is stoked for tonight …



Who are the members of the Wyatt Family?

 Photo Credit: WWE/NXT

Photo Credit: WWE/NXT

Tonight on Raw, the debut of The Wyatt Family is the most talked about event. Hopefully they get more than just a five-minute promo, but we get to see the strange New Orleans-styled cult family in action. Obviously these guy are some creepy characters, but who exactly are they, and where did they come from?

The leader, the preacher, Bray Wyatt is none other than NXT standout Husky Harris. You may recall he was on season two of NXT, and eventually his talents led him to being placed on the main roster with The Nexus. Unfortunately, when the Nexus began to lose steam, so did many of the members, simply because WWE just did not have the room nor airtime to properly give them, and Windham Rotunda [his real name] was written off WWE television with a punt to the head, courtesy of Randy Orton.

The son of Mike Rotunda, aka V.K. Wallstreet or more popularly known as I.R.S., the now-Bray Wyatt began in Florida Championship Wrestling, and progressed through the training ground to make it to NXT. Having surpassed NXT, been on Raw and SmackDown it is not a surprise he is coming back to TV. The question asked by this writer was not “if” but “when.” I expect great things with this gimmick. It is a fresh concept for a new generation, but for an old timer like me, this is nostalgia influencing my anticipation

Luke Harper. Photo Credit: WWE/NXT

Luke Harper. Photo Credit: WWE/NXT

Erick Rowan born Joseph Ruud has been around wrestling for only five years, however he has been around the world and in many high-profile independent promotions in Japan (Pro Wrestling NOAH in particular). Coming back to the United States in 2011, he began his WWE-homegrown training in FCW, which we know now as the NXT development program. After a few years of unsuccessful tag and singles runs, he became a follower of Bray Wyatt and adopted as the “second son.”

The “first son” of the Wyatt Family is Luke Harper. You might know him as former ROH, Chikara, Jersey All Pro, and Dragon Gate USA wrestler Brodie Lee. Having been a wrestler since 2003, he has built up an impressive resume of competing all over the world but more famously for his time in Ring of Honor and his short notoriety amongst a stable with Necro Butcher in New Jersey. Having feuded with a “whos-who” of famous independent stars such as Austin Aries, Kevin Steen, and former WWE star Charlie Haas. Finally signing with WWE in 2012, he went right down to the FCW/NXT territory as the first recruit into the Wyatt Family.

There is nothing more which could be said, nothing more I could say to continue to push the hype for this stable coming to WWE Raw tonight. I have said it before, and I will say it again. If done correctly, the debut of the Wyatt Family on the main roster could be what ignites a new era of warring factions. I would like to see Zeb Colter recruit Wade Barrett making a trio of “Patriots.” I would like Paul Heyman to get some new guys alongside Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, and create a new Dangerous Alliance. Makes you wonder if the Rabbi of Wrestling will be scripted as the mastermind behind the return of Rob Van Dam. Perhaps 3MB would even have a place, as the trio of jobbers for stables to beat down on.

Mark my words, if done correctly, WWE could bring a whole new dimension of wrestling for both the old and new generation of wrestling fans. I am tuning in tonight … Are you?


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