Posted by: pop-break | July 7, 2013

The WWE-ek: Great American Bash

michael dworkis IS mr. america …


Well … that escalated quickly.

CM Punk is front-and-center, where he rightfully should be. Main eventing on Smackdown, he tore into Alberto del Rio after the Mexican Aristocrat and current World Heavyweight Champion floored Paul Heyman during their match. Punk and Rio wound up going to a double-count out, but this makes for some interesting drama with CM Punk now coming to the aid of the same man who manages a potential opponent for CM Punk come SummerSlam, one Brock Lesnar.

WWE Money in the Bank Logo

Punk vowed to win his Money in the Bank match next Sunday to put himself one step closer to becoming WWE Champion again. I just cannot help but wonder if that will be when Brock Lesnar strikes, solidifying the feud. Makes you wonder whose side Paul Heyman is really on.

I talked about stables before, but this week it needs to be brought up once more. With The Wyatt Family looming for the upcoming Raw, and Zeb Colter continuing to look for more “patriots” to join his stable, an era of stable wars is nearing fast. This is all thanks to the success of The Shield. Their dominance in WWE has shown the formula has worked before, and can certainly work again. Most of you reading this may not be old enough to know, but go look up The Freebirds and the Von Erichs. The Hart Foundation. The Heenan Family. Lots of great stars emerged from stable wars. I am predicting Wade Barrett joining Zeb Colter, and if you really want to see a swerve, they should also be joined by someone we have not seen in some time, a person who desperately needs new life and a new gimmick in WWE, and no, not Zack Ryder or Curt Hawkins, but one Santino Marella.

Ryder to Colter's Army?

Ryder to Colter’s Army?

Back to reality, The Wyatt Family will not be the only ones making headlines, but also one Rob Van Dam. In one week, the Lord of the 5-Star Frog Splash returns to a WWE ring, and it seems this will not be a one-time deal, but perhaps a longer stay. Could you imagine CM Punk vs. RVD? Dolph Ziggler vs. RVD? Chris Jericho vs. RVD? The Great Khali vs. RVD? Alright, sorry, that was not funny. I apologize. How about instead, Justin Gabriel vs. RVD. They would just jump off the ropes and collide with each other. Awesomeness.

Ziggler oh Ziggler, what is going on? Not asking you, I am asking WWE Creative. You have a guy which the fans BEGGED to cash in, he finally does, holds the belt for what, two months and then drops it back to Del Rio? I get we did a little yin-yang dance, Ziggler going face and Del Rio back to his egotistic ways, but 3MB? That is where you put Ziggles? Against the worst trio of jobbers in modern-day history?

Mark Henry is going to win the WWE Championship. Nothing more to say.

Used in Wrestlemania 22 Program

Here is something to get your mind buzzing. You have an all-face Money in the Bank match for the WWE Championship, and an all-heel match for the World Title shot. Lately we have been getting face vs. face and heel vs. heel matches on WWE Raw and SmackDown. Little did you know, this was tried before, years ago, during the Attitude Era where they thought fans who get into the unconventional sort of matchups. Face vs. Face went over just fine, but the heel vs. heel ones lost interest faster than a WCW Main Event on RAW back in 2001. I hope WWE knows what they are doing, it would be a shame if talents like Barrett and Cesaro were wasted, just because of their fan-favorite status with the fans. Barrett, Cesaro, Swagger, Fandango, Ambrose, Rhodes, and Sandow have the potential for an amazing match. I hope WWE fans will be kind and mostly smart enough to realize just because they are scripted as heels does not mean they can’t put on a great match. Just watch, they will, I promise.

Jericho vs. Ryback. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Big waves are being made. This summer is really getting big for WWE. Money in the Bank will set the stage for the next year in terms of main eventers. Imagine if RVD won, or Bryan won again. Maybe Barrett will win and cash in?


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