Posted by: pop-break | June 26, 2013

TV Recap: MTV’s Catfish, Season 2 Premiere

laura dengrove feels lost in cyberspace …


Another year, another Catfish. You would think after the first season that some internet-star crossed lovers would wise up and invest in a Skype account, but sadly no. This season we are welcomed with the same scenario as last, only this one we are first introduced to Cassie and Steve. These two are madly in love, engaged to be married, and have never met each other. Yes, that may weird out a few folks at home, but not these love birds. They don’t even need to send photos of each other frequently to “know” that the person talking to them is the same person they see in the pictures.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

The fact that Nev and the team go online and search the picture and the persons name is something that an average Joe could do, shows that people are way too trusting nowadays, or not that smart. Though the show was entertaining, it appears a bit stale. It’s the same old same old from last season with little to no change. Within the first minute of the show you can already guess the ending and it’s really your choice to keep on watching. It’s entertaining for an episode or two, but it gets repetitive.

Enjoy it as a show to watch when you have free time and nothing better to do. There are some new shocks here and there, but very few are jaw dropping. They are the type of shocks that get you to go, “Well, that was unexpected,” nothing more. You feel for the characters, but there’s a small voice in the back of your head saying that these people had it coming. Regardless, you still care for them and that’s what truly matters. At the end of the day, viewers will root for these couples to have a happy ending.

The show still has potential to stay on MTV and it still has that feel about it that won over a lot of people in the first season. The feeling of mystery, love, loss, double cross, and technology. The feeling never fades, and the heartbreak is real, but it is what is to be expected from a show that promises to connect people that are supposedly in love over the internet. Things like that just don’t always scream happy ending; they scream danger, turn away now, and proceed with caution. I will still be watching in my free time; it’s not a unlikable show, just boring and predictable.


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