Posted by: pop-break | June 25, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: The Lone Ranger

logan j. fowler and bill bodkin head to the wild, wild west …



Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Undecided. I would say no thanks to this one, but because my dad asked me if I wanted to go see this with him … I’m having second thoughts. Obviously the character stems from when he was a kid so his interest in this new interpretation must be high. For me though, I have to admit the film looks pretty bland and Johnny Depp seems to be playing a Native American Jack Sparrow, which I’m sure some people will be fine with, but the dude has got range, he should show it! Anyway, I don’t know about this one, but I guess one way or another I’ll probably humor my pop with some sort of a viewing. –LJF

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Undecided. The more and more I see of the trailers for The Lone Ranger, the less cynical I feel towards this movie. When I first saw a trailer for the film last year I completely wrote it off as a big budget piece of garbage. Now, for some reason, I’m softening my stance. Is my soft spot for the Western rearing its head or do I believe this could be a solid piece of entertainment?

The film actually has a lot going for it. Johnny Depp will be awesome as Tonto, it’s almost a given since Depp is pretty awesome in just about every film he appears in. Then you’ve got the pretty reliable slew of character actors — Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper, William Fichter and Helena Bonham Carter, all of whom will provide strong performances. Gore Verbinski at his worst knows how to direct fun action sequences. The real wild card is Armie Hammer. Yes, he impressed in The Social Network and he more than held his own in J. Edgar, but those were dramas … this is a big budget actioneer. This where a lot of promising young actors make it or break it and it’s not a lock that a.) this movie will be successful and do wonders for his career or b.) he won’t be as stiff as a board and completely out of place in action role.

So I’m completely undecided — I think I may pass on seeing this in theater, wait for the reviews and then wait for it to come onDemand and or on DVD … maybe. –BB


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