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TV Recap: Devious Maids, Series Premiere

laura dengrove was ‘maid’ to watch this …


Ah Lifetime, a channel where woman of all types can go to watch the variety of estrogen-filled programs that just make you crave a tub of ice cream and a good blanket to snuggle with.

Their latest original series, the Eva Longoria produced Devious Maids, hit with a small flop this Sunday night. The show’s stereotypical characters, and the characters pointing out the fact that some of the maids aren’t stereotypical enough, made the show almost unbearable to watch.


It tries, unsuccessfully, to pull you in with a murder in the beginning of the episode. Too bad the murder isn’t even a mystery. The whole scene is so badly acted that you feel as though you are watching soap opera actors being paid five dollars to sit there and glare at each other. I understand the likeable quality of the show, likeable of course to Lifetime viewers, but the concept is badly executed and you feel like the actors know that as well and just aren’t trying. In some parts of the show you actually almost hear the actor’s thoughts: “Why am I here, is this the best I could get?” I feel more for the actor than I do for the character.

The only actress I was excited to see in this show was Judy Reyes (pictured), who played the very funny Carla on Scrubs, but even she looked miserable in the role. She was definitely better than the other actresses on the show, but she still lacked that little flare she used to possess in Scrubs.

With the late time spot, the network is setting it up for disaster. Putting it after one of their “hit” shows, Drop Dead Diva, should have helped in viewership, but I’m doubtful there were many watching it with me.

The title of the show may be Devious Maids, but it was more like Tedious Maids.

Controversy has already spread about its depiction of the Latina community, and the controversy isn’t without its merit. It shines such a negative light on the main characters that it perpetuates the Latina stereotype already set in Hollywood. The show tries too hard to be an interesting drama/mystery/comedy, but the only thing it successfully does is make you cringe in your seat and give you bursts of laughter, and not the laughter the show was aiming for.

The whole experience of watching this was not a pleasant one, maybe if they had a better cast, script, story line, etc; it would have been more enjoyable. If you are truly interested in giving it a watch, go ahead. Everyone has their own opinion, mine just happens to be extremely negative. This is one resident that is extremely displeased with the maids’ service.


all photos credit to James Fiscus



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