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Rocks Off Reader #5

bill bodkin brings you the second installment of our weekly series in conjunction with the awesome people over at the NYC concert promotion company, Rocks Off


Welcome back to the Rocks Off Reader. The people at Rocks Off present a lot of awesome experience from concerts to bus trips to walking tours.

First, before we get into the weekly updates have to clue you into something really awesome — The Get Your Rocks Off Podcast featuring “The King of the Surf Guitar” Dick Dale. We’ve listened to the podcast already and it is mind-blowing. Dick Dale is more than just a guitarist — he’s one of the most interesting and wise people you’re ever going to hear. Dick is full of wisdom and this is an utterly engrossing interview that’s conducted by Rocks Off’s own Jake Szufnarowski. Listen in!



See Tim Armstrong Four Times in Two Days! with The Transplants and The Traditionals on 6/20 at Terminal 5 and with The Transplants and Crown of Thornz on 6/21 at Terminal 5. That’s right, catch punk legend Tim Armstrong twice in four days as he fronts both The Transplants (featuring Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob) and of course, Rancid. And let’s face it, Rancid is AWESOME. Do we need to remind you of how awesome they are? So, we decided to include their music video for ‘Time Bomb’ below. Tickets are super limited for the 6/20 show only, so act now.



Air Sex World Championships. Friday 6/21, The Cutting Room (44 E. 32nd St, Doors: 10:00pm / Show: 11:00pm. Advance: $15/ Day of Show: $20) Event is 18+
It’s like air guitar, but it’s a more hilarious and carnal expression of air awesomeness. You design your own routine and we hope you get lucky! (Oh see what we did there?) The Air Sex World Championships are hosted by comedian Chris Trew and based out of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Tx. For press inquiries or to register to compete please email Chris”

It’s a ’90s Party! While some of you might feel old that the ’90s are now retro … let’s face it, the ’90s were awesome, so why not party? Stifler’s Mom, a tribute band to the .Com decade, will be performing on Saturday 6/22 at The Highline Ballroom. Click here to RSVP to the guestlist!

***NEW SHOW*** moe. Wednesday 6/26, Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club (89 South Street, New York, NY). Holy Moe.-ly! Yes, that was super-lame, but this show is definitely not. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of shows that you need to jump on. I mean one of the modern day jam band icons in an intimate setting? Sign us up! Click here for tickets.



***NEW SHOW*** Yacht Rock Revue, Wednesday, 7/10, Brooklyn Bowl (Doors: 6:00pm / Show: 8:00pm, Advance: $10). This is one of the premiere tribute/cover bands out there in the world right now. They’re performed on cruises that have seen Kid Rock and Zac Brown on them (performing not lounging). YRR brings the best of ’70s soft rock to the stages and at The Brooklyn Bowl, the party is going to be massive. Click here for tickets.


Rocks Off is known for their awesome boat shows. Here are some upcoming shows coming up for The Rocks Off Armada…Click Here for Maps off All Ports.

Saturday June 22: Twiddle (Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard The Jewel -Boards: 11:00pm / Departs: 12:00am E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.). Twiddle is a Vermont-based mixes up jazz, bluegrass, reggae and funk and will feature Kenny Brooks (Bob Weir & Ratdog, Alphabet Soup & The Green Lotus Project) sitting in. Buy Tickets Here.


Tuesday June 25: Zach Deputy (Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard The Half Moon – Boards: 7:00pm / Departs: 8:00pm, E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.): Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul. That’s what Zach Deputy describes his music as. And that sounds pretty amazing to us. Click here for tickets.

Wednesday June 26: Tortured Soul, Libation (The Global Soul Experience) with Ian Friday and Manchildblack. (Rocks Off Cruise Aboard the Harbor Lights – Boards: 7:00pm / Departs: 8:00pm, E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.): Oh this is going to a smooth night on the water. Tortured Soul is a trio of musicians who make electronic music really sexy with their soulful grooves and hot beats. Click here for tickets.

Thursday June 27: Keller Williams (Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard The Jewel – Boards: 7:00pm / Departs: 8:00pm, E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.): Keller Williams is one the most eclectic and unique solo performers you’re going to run into in today’s scene. His style covers a range of genres like: bluegrass, folk, alternative rock, reggae, electronica/dance, jazz and funk. There’s also going to be food provided by the famous Dr. Marinade. Click here for tickets.

Thursday, June 27, 2013: Atomic Bitchwax with Mirror Queen and Polygamyst (Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard The Half Moon – Boards: 7:00pm, / Departs: 8:00pm, E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.): Comprised of members of Monster Magnet, Godspeed and Core — Atomic Bitchwax brings hell to the high seas. Click here for tickets.


Rocks Off is running air-conditioned, bathroom-equipped, sound-system-stacked, TV-screen’s a blazin’ rockin’ party buses from NYC to and from shows at PNC Bank Arts Center and Jones Beach this summer.

“Buses leave from the time and location listed on each show page. These bus rides are BYOS: Bring Your own Shit!!! Refreshments are not served on the bus, but we encourage you to bring your own (just keep tidy and help us keep the bus clean). Best part is that our professional drivers are also highly trained Ninjas, and will be staying with the bus to guard your precious briefcases and designer hula hoops — meaning you can leave your stuff on the bus while you’re at the show.

The buses will leave the venues half an hour after the show ends, so no matter what condition you’re in, please proceed as efficiently as you can towards the bus after the last encore. The plus side is, you’ll find yourself back in NYC afterwards in plenty of time to get a decent night’s sleep, or to just keep raging with all the awesome people you met on the bus.”

June 2013 Bus Schedule

Sunday June 23: Rush at Jones Beach

Tuesday June 25: Dave Matthews Band at Jones Beach

Wednesday June 26: Dave Matthews Band at Jones Beach

Saturday June 29: Kid Rock at PNC Bank Arts Center


From the Rocks Off desk: We’re going to do this right – loud personalities, loud music, and a bumpin’ sound system so you can experience these films the way they were meant to be heard: LOUD.

Get ready for extreme tales of artistry and excess, breakups and reunions, glory and failure – as only the musicians can tell it.

And don’t worry, we know that rock n roll is more than just guitars cranked up to 11 and tight leather pants. The spirit of rock n’ roll – the spirit of rebellion, creativity and individualism, can be felt in all genres and all different types of people. Hell, we all know Mozart was more badass than Axl Rose over 200 years ago.

It’s gonna be an earth-shattering run of flicks, and we want you there for every sweet minute of it!
To submit your films or for more information, contact us at


THE PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of ROCK N ROLL in NEW YORK CITY: Hosted by Rocks Off’s Jake Szufnarowski “If you want to know how how the rock n roll business works, and oftentimes doesn’t work — complete with hilariously offensive, almost unbelievable tales — this is your man. Yes, folks, NYC Rock and Roll ain’t dead yet. Join us on “The Evolution of Rock N Roll in New York City Through The Eyes of a Living, Breathing, and Working Concert Promoter, Rock God and Hell Raiser”, and you’ll learn just how alive it is.” Next Dates: Friday June 28.

John Joseph of The Cro Mags

John Joseph of The Cro Mags

THE HISTORY OF ART, CRIME, DRUGS and PUNK ROCK ON THE LOWER EAST SIDE: Hosted by John Joseph of The Cro Mags. (Description by John Joseph himself) “Most people walking around on the Lower East Side today with its trendy boutiques and coffee shops have no idea of its history, the great music and violence that has always co-existed side by side down here. I’ll take you to the punk clubs, gang hangouts and drug spots where some of the craziest things went down. It’s a first hand account from someone who was immersed in the danger having myself grown up on the streets of NYC since the age of 14. I guarantee you it will be a true punk rock & crime history lesson from someone who was there way back then and is still here.


We will drop by the famous CBGB’s location where The Ramones and so many other legendary punk bands started. We’ll walk by Great Gildersleeves where the Hells Angels regularly ran people over on their motorcycles. Stroll down memory lane at Saint Mark’s Place passing Trash and Vaudeville (punk store), the Electric Circus where the likes of Bad Brains, Crass, and so many others jammed. All the while telling you my anecdotes and funny stories of the crazy shit I’ve seen go down. Then Tompkins Sq Park, giving first hand knowledge of the area’s events. We’ll even hit MANITOBAS for Bob Gruen’s famous Punk Rock photo exhibit before we go by the Ritz (now Webster Hall) and Irving Plaza where so many great bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Motorhead (first U.S. gig), The Damned, Buzzcocks played and where the late punk-rocker John Belushi slam danced his nights away. Finally our last stop on the tour will be Max’s Kansas City where we end in Union Sq. Park discussing the area and what is what it was like. Drugs, hookers, violence, the Palladium where The Clash’s London Calling album cover was shot and many great bands played. Ever heard of Julien’s Pool Hall? The porno theaters where I’d sleep in the dead of winter for 50 cents a night and the Gramercy Park Boxing Gym (now PC Richard’s) where my old man and many World Champions boxed. The bottom line is, whether you’re a seasoned New Yorker or someone visiting the city on vacation, this tour is not to be missed. I can guarantee that it will be a memorable experience.”

To buy tickets to either tour click here.


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