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Pretty Little Recap: “A” is for A-L-I-V-E

kelly duncan is a liar … again …


It’s that time again, bitches.

Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily are back, and this time around, Mona is on their side. I can only hope that the extra brainpower helps them discover the true identity of Redcoat. In true Pretty Little Liars fashion we kick things off with the girls standing around Wilden’s cop car, which has been drudged from the lake and left smack dab in the middle of town. It took all of five seconds for Redcoat to leave them their first present of the season. A dead pig in the trunk of the car. It’s Redcoats very own form of foreshadowing, because the following morning the girls are driving through town only to discover that someone has left Wilden’s dead body next to the car. The five girls being framed for the crime is a pretty safe bet.

Reasonably so, the girls are not very trusting of Mona. In order to gain their trust she takes them to her lair and tells them all of the dirt that she has on not only them, but everyone else. Most of what she said answered unimportant questions from seasons past, but she did divulge a few juicy tidbits that are bound to come in handy at a later date. First, is in regards to the Halloween train where Aria was shoved in a box and nearly murdered by the Queen of Hearts. Apparently, it was Wilden and Spencer’s sister Melissa. To hear it was one of them was a sure bet, but both? It was certainly news that perked my ear. The second was learning that Paige’s friend Shawna was friends with Jenna prior to moving to Rosewood and both girls are afraid of Melissa. I’m eager to find out why.


On the relationship front there is a lot going on. Ezra has been offered a full-time position at Rosewood High, which is now making things incredibly difficult for Aria. I mean, I could only imagine having the break-up with the love of your life because of circumstances beyond your control, but then to have to see him every single day, especially looking as good as Mr. Fitz does, ouch.

Spencer and Toby’s relationship seems better than ever, but I have a bad feeling that things aren’t going to stay that way. Apparently, there is some sort of mystery surrounding Toby’s mom. All this time I thought she had died, but maybe not. Why do I say this? Well, A made contact with Toby and basically told him that if he brought her or him for that matter, the lair then he would find out what happened to his mom. Looks like poor Toby has been sucked back into the A game.

While it seems slightly random, I feel it is worth mentioning a quick conversation between Jenna and Emily. Jenna wants Emily to tell Toby, “I never meant to hurt you.” Turns out Jenna thinks that everyone who saw Ali the night she died is, “waking up dead,” and she is convinced she will too. It was odd and out of nowhere, so I hope it holds some relevance.


Now, throughout the episode there is a running debate about who saved the girls from the fire. The group is torn. Half of them believe that Ali saved them from the burning cabin and the other half think it was just a hallucination. Now, hang on to that for a second while I mention Wilden’s funeral. Spencer and Mona received texts that led them to believe that there was something in Wilden’s casket that was going to expose some sort of secret of theirs to everyone at the funeral.

Everyone in town, including Ezra and his baby-mama Maggie attend the funeral, but the girls only seem interested in finding out who the stranger with the black veil covering her face is. Meanwhile, Spencer and Mona coincidentally bump into each other in the room where the casket is being held pre-funeral. Standing there, still unsure if Spencer can trust Mona, a phone starts ringing. They dig around and find the phone just a second too late. They call the number, which has the ID “Kisses” back hoping for some answers. Instead it raises more questions when Hanna answers the phone. She says it’s her mom’s phone. Looks like Ashley’s drama has only just begun.

The final scene reveals the girl in the black veil in Mona’s lair, removing the veil, and revealing a mask of Ali that is burned on one side. Looks like everyone was right. The episode kicked off with a serious dose of drama on all fronts and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the seasons pans out.


All photos courtesy of and credited to ABC Family.


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