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Singles Party: Stone Temple Pilots, ‘Out Of Time’

the singles party pilot through a new rock ‘n’ roll tune …


It’s one of the more polarizing singles to be released in rock music and for good reason. Diehard Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park fans have wildly differing opinions in LP singer Chester Bennington’s decision to be the new singer of STP in the wake of Scott Weiland’s ousting. Don’t believe us? Check out the song’s Soundcloud, and you’ll see the intense love and hate fans have left on the site.

So the gang at The Singles Party have decided to tackle this new single due to its controversy and the fact it’s probably one of the most lauded singles in modern rock.

Lauren Stern: I was never a big Stone Temple Pilots fan before, and now that I heard their first single with their new singer Chester Bennington, I don’t think there’s even a slight chance that will change. This song is everything you’re expecting — screaming, guitars, and more screaming. It’s just noise and not the good kind of noise. So, if you want to avoid the huge headache I have right now, pass on this track. Verdict: One and Done.


Nick Porcaro: Stone Temple Pilots’ first single in three years is solid. Promising, even, save for one not-so-little detail: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is their new singer, and he sounds displaced. Chester’s pitch is solid, his high notes are pretty strong, but his vocal phrasing is stilted and occasionally clumsy. Of course, it doesn’t help when he’s forced to sing lyrics in the vein of pseudo-tough rock posturing that’s been out of fashion for decades now. An enjoyable listen — especially with relentless, grooving riffs courtesy of the dependable DeLeo brothers — but one that’s uncomfortably off-kilter. Perhaps the collaboration will solidify on their upcoming album. I certainly hope so. Verdict: Add to playlist, by a very narrow margin.

Jason Stives: Interesting fact: Stone Temple Pilots were one of my favorite rock bands of the ’90s, always beating out Nirvana and Pearl Jam thanks in part to their straight-laced hard rock styles. Interesting Fact No. 2: Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory was the CD I played the most during my early teens because, well, it was everywhere circa 2001/02. So by default the combination of both should create something tangible for me to enjoy but that remains to be determined. Bennington while a solid modern rock singer feels very out of place fronting a band whose lyrics tend to fall on the sexually tinged, booze rock side which really can only be covered by one Scott Weiland. Mind you there is a reason he is not in the band currently and while replacing him with a more than approved lead singer is smart for business it’s not setting in just yet. Yes, we have the sound of the DeLeo brothers to remind us of their potent sound but it just doesn’t feel right despite being rather catchy for a straight and narrow rock song. I think I will have to bow out on a final call. Verdict: Abstain.


Jason Kundrath: Weiland is dead! Well, not really. But the man has been on the decline for years, and then he put out that album of Christmas standards. Long story short: while no one can ever take away his massive contributions to alt-rock, Scott Weiland has been a wet blanket on STP for approximately 15 years. But Weiland IS STP, you say? I beg to differ. The riff-tastic DeLeo brothers and drummer Eric Kretz have as much to do with STP’s distinctive sound as anyone. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to create the magic without their troubled singer.

But this newest track featuring Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington gives me hope. Bennie’s aggro vocal attack seems perfectly suited to the bands’ heavy approach. The riff is badass, and Dean’s solo is a perfect reminder of his fantastic skills on the fretboard. Sure, Chester could be accused of ripping off a bit of Weiland’s swagger, but maybe he’s been doing it for his whole career, and we just didn’t notice. Don’t get me wrong – overall, it’s not great, but it’s pretty damned good, suggesting that over the course of a proper album, these guys could really do something awesome. Plus, with Chester’s marquee value, maybe the world will pay these dudes the attention they deserve. Verdict: Add to the Playlist.

Brent Johnson: So the guy from Linkin Park takes over the mic in Stone Temple Pilots … and it ends up sounding like a bad Velvet Revolver knockoff. Spare me. I’ll stick with the solid, sturdy body of work STP put out with Mr. Weiland’s husky vocals and off-kilter lyrics in the 1990s — the happy time before Linkin Park or Velvet Revolver ever entered the universe. Verdict: One and Done.


Bill Bodkin: I used to be a big Stone Temple Pilots fan, but in recent years they haven’t exactly produced music that has really impressed me. Here, though, with new vocalist Chester Bennington, it seems as though the band’s sound has come alive, bursting with a new badass energy. I’m still not 100 percent sold on the Linkin Park frontman as the band’s new voice. With ‘Out of Time,’ Bennington does a solid Scott Weiland impersonation and it’s probably some of the best vocal work he’s done in a while … but that’s not saying much. As you can guess, I’m not a huge Linkin Park fan. I think I’d need to hear more of the band whether I can fully get behind them or not. However, when it comes to this ‘vintage’ sounding STP track, I so it’s good enough to add to your playlist. Verdict: Add to Playlist.

Final Verdict: While the majority of us approve of this new track, we still have some reservations. So go into this one with an open mind — it really could go either way for you.


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