Posted by: pop-break | May 8, 2013

Rant-A-Mania: WWE & The Make-A-Wish Foundation

michael dworkis looks at the great work the WWE has done …


Last Monday Night, on RAW we saw John Cena bring three young kids out onto the stage and announced them as honorary WWE Superstars as part of the Make-A-Wish “World Wish Day” event. Each youngster, got to announce their wrestling names in front of an entire arena and millions watching at home. John Cena put the character gimmick aside and talked about why supporting charities such as Make-A-Wish is crucial and so important seeing.


It might be hard over a computer, but stuff like this hits me. It should hit you too. Many of these children are very sick, incurable, and need extra love and compassion. Thankfully, an organization such as Make–A-Wish, is about helping kids and brightening their day as best as possible. WWE has been a partner to Make-A-Wish for decades.

At one time, I was involved too. It is no secret that I am a former WWE employee, and during my term of employment, I had the fortunate and rewarding experience of being part of the department which set up Make-A-Wish/WWE events and meet-and-greet sessions with various wrestlers. It is not just the “main eventers” or the “face of WWE” who go out of their way, many times spending an extra day traveling to grant a wish to a child, but practically 99% of the roster volunteer. Yes. Volunteer. Having worked at WWE from 2003 until 2005, I saw Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Goldust, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and the list goes on and on as to who rushed to volunteer to meet kids backstage or travel to a local hospital.


My favorite memory, was working backstage before Monday Night RAW at Continental Airlines Arena (now known as the IZOD Center), and I was sent to bring The Big Show over to do a meet-and-greet. The Big Man gets up, and of course looks straight down at my short Jewish self, and took the time to tell me “I’m Hungry.” Hoping the Big Show would not eat me, I led him towards the waiting area with the kids. Along the way he told me he loves New Jersey diners and named a few restaurants along Route 3 which he often liked going to. Once we reach the kids, he became a giant teddy bear. The friendly giant awed the kids, and in no time at all, other wrestlers stopped what they were doing and joined in the fun. It was a sight to see. No one asked these wrestlers to do this, they all volunteered. I was asked to bring The Big Show over, because he left word to be sent for as soon as the kids arrived. He wanted to be first to greet them. Mark Henry is another star also does not hesitate to volunteer his time, and it should be known that The World’s Strongest Man is also a frequent participant in anti-drug and anti-bullying talks at schools and community centers.


The WWE gets a lot of crap for violent programming, steroids, and the occasional tragedy. They are, like any other form of sporting entertainment. However, times like these, it is important to highlight all the good they do for children and communities all over the world. It is a lesson we should learn, maybe we can all take just a little bit of our time and our resources to volunteer, to donate, to support, or just do the right thing when the opportunity comes. Fate rarely calls upon us at a time of our choosing, we do not always get to plan the obstacles that face us in life, and for many of us, the obstacles are nothing, compared to the obstacles those others must come to terms with.

In a world becoming more intense, more competitive, and at times, more crass and cutthroat, people should take a moment to reflect on what is good out there, and to do some good ourselves. Good deeds might go unrewarded, but always know they are rewarding.


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