Posted by: pop-break | May 5, 2013

The WWE-ek: Cinco de Wrestling

michael dworkis looks at the world of the WWE …


Yet another bewildering week with WWE. Daniel Bryan and Kane are the spotlight holders as they face off with The Shield on both Raw and SmackDown. On Raw they teamed with the injured John Cena in a losing effort and on SmackDown, Bryan gets mauled by Ryback while Kane is overwhelmed by the triple-team assault from Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns.


I very much like where this is going. Two members of The Shield will go for the Tag Team Titles by Extreme Rules, unless we get a 3-on-2 handicap match or some other stipulation. In the not-too-recent-past, when trios or stables have held the titles, often the entire group was proclaimed as titleholders. The Spirit Squad was a five-man stable, and all could rotate title defenses.

I would rather see two members of the shield, Rollins and Reigns go for the tag belts, while Ambrose challenges Kingston for the United States Championship. put a teaser up some time ago suggesting a fourth member might be in the shadows. [Editor’s Note: The former El Generico, Sami Zayn mentioned his belief in The Shield on Twitter, which has fueled some speculation. Also rumors that the former Chris Hero now known as Kassisu Ohno may join]. If that is the case, why not? If this group, this stable, The Shield is meant to be an nWo-like faction, it needs more members. Not too many though. Big crowds result in wrestlers getting lost in the shuffle, hence why the nWo ultimately got too crowded and collapsed.


Ziggler once again proved why he is the Show Off, sort of a modern-day “Showstopper” if you get my meaning. Tremendous match this week, and both Swagger and Alberto del Rio once again killed it on Raw, and the well-paced impromptu matches on SmackDown were very well executed highlighting these three main eventers, and even Ricardo Rodriguez. Big E. Langston does impress me, but I feel like something is missing. Still have not put my finger on it yet.

Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, and Mark Henry continue their feuds. On Raw Sheamus blindsided Henry during a tug-of-war, then again on SmackDown during an arm wrestling contest. Interesting, the last time I saw Henry in a tug-of-war was against Crush, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Goldust, who all lost. Oh, it was Henry vs. all three at the same time. Like these circling feuds, this will keep going around and around until someone escapes this merry-go-round of boredom.


Ryback and John Cena. Is Ryback being primed to take the title away from Cena? I feel torn. I want him to win it, but I also want the feud to be built up more than three weeks. I want this to headline SummerSlam, with Ryback winning it there. That would be pretty awesome. If Cena is injured bad, he may just drop the title to Ryback, and then win it back once he is 100%.

Quick Thoughts:

Chris Jericho – Let’s see, loses a “career match” to Ziggler last year, this year loses to Fandango. Yep, your return really got exciting.

Antonio Cesaro – For some reason, he is yodeling and jobbing to everyone.

R-Truth – I want to still like his crazy gimmick, but if he is going to get some air-time again, it might be time for a new gimmick.

The Miz – Not sure what is worse, being injured or in Marine 3.

Wade Barrett – The most losing Intercontinental Champion of all time? Only wins on the C-shows, Main Event or Saturday Morning Slam? Oh, he beat Regal in three minutes. Yawn.

Zack Ryder – I want my match for the Cruiserweight Title!


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