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Film Review: Evil Dead

Pop-Break’s horror maven ann hale looks at the 2013 version …


Instead of sitting here trying to think of some cute way to open this review, I’m going to get straight to the point — Evil Dead is no joke. It is a bloody gore fest of fright that will have you jumping and squirming through your entire hour and a half experience.


A quick summation of the film: Mia and David head up to their family’s cabin in the woods with three friends to help Mia quit drugs cold turkey. As some of you may have experienced yourselves or through a loved one, that is one intense task. While there, they discover the iconic Necronomicon made from human flesh and inked in blood. Like an idiot, one of them reads from it, releasing the evil that slowly invades them. At first they chalk Mia acting weird up to the withdrawals, until things start to get really strange and she gets violent. One by one they must all fall until they can find a way to break the curse or until the curse breaks them.

Evil Dead is the movie I have been waiting for. I found myself turning away in delightful disgust more than once and actually had to, shakingly, pick my jaw up after one particularly gruesome scene. I have no idea how many gallons of blood they used to make this film, but I can say that it was more than enough to satisfy any horror fan’s disturbing need. There is no lack of shock value, no shortage of gore and an awful lot of missing limbs.


Shiloh Fernandez as David was fantastic. I have never particularly been a big fan of his but you can bet I am now. His naïve yet brave role is perfect in the “I’m the Ash Williams character” sort of way. He trusts that people are who they are supposed to be, even when they are not. Though sometimes stupid, this guy gets things done.

Lou Taylor Pucci plays Eric, the “Scott” character. Though he doesn’t have as much comic relief as Scott did in the original, Eric is definitely going to be a fan favorite of this film. All I’m going to say is that the man is invincible.

Jessica Lucas is Olivia, the “Shelly” character. Olivia is the nurse friend who is there to help Mia, medically, through her detoxing. Though her character seems somewhat unlikable, she participates in a few of the most memorable scenes in the film.


Elizabeth Blackmore is Natalie, the “Linda” character. She is David’s girlfriend and the odd man out as the others have all been friends since they were young. Natalie is a sweet and brave girl but certainly acts on one of the largest lapses in judgment I have ever seen. Because of her, I will never look at an electric knife the same again.

Now for the star of the film — Jane Levy as Mia, the “Cheryl” character. Jane Levy one hundred percent stole the film. While Cheryl was obnoxious and completely unlikable, Mia was not only terrifying but incredibly badass. Her faces were intense, her screams were believable and she delivers some of the best jumps in the film. I still cannot believe how many times I found myself squirming as a result of Mia alone.

Evil Dead does not disappoint. You can trust that it will deliver what it has promised and is, in my opinion, one of the best horror films of this decade.

Do yourself a favor and don’t go alone. This film WILL swallow your soul.

*Stay after the credits for a special surprise*



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