Posted by: pop-break | March 31, 2013

Road to Wrestlemania: Ryback vs. Mark Henry

michael dworkis is snoring …



Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane …

It’s …


No, not Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb from WrestleMania X. It is not Brock vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania XX. But, if you are following, you know where this is headed. Yes, it should be killed with fire.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry.


This will be a match many will talk about and not for its feature of two men with inhuman strength. Not because it features two men who will likely never main event. No, it will be talked and tweeted and touted by the masses as the WORST idea for WrestleMania 29. Will Ryback lift Henry up for the Shell Shock? No. He could not get Tensai up, what makes you think he could lift Henry? There is nothing to prove in this match. The winner and loser of this one will both win the same prize. A one-way ticket to stagnation or nowheresville, their choice.

Ryback is a monster, there is no doubt about that. However, just when it seems WWE will push him back to main event, they get a new idea and take him down a peg.

Mark Henry is a monster, there is no doubt about that. However, just when it seems WWE will push him back to main event, they get a new idea and take him down a peg.

Oh crap. Did I just say the same thing twice? Did I repeat myself? Yes. Why yes I did.


Do any of you recall WMXX where Brock and Goldberg were booed out of the building. Chants of “Boring” and “Sellout” and even “You Can’t Wrestle” echoed throughout Madison Square Garden? I sure do, because I WAS THERE. I will be there, at Metlife Stadium this year to bear witness to a very likely chance that this will happen all over again. There is no reason to have this match, other than to give a reason for these two powerhouses and main-event deserving athletes to actually earn a WrestleMania paycheck.

Look, I am glad they both will be on the card. Seriously, I am. I wish there was something better for them than the age-old “Two Behemoths” match. We get it, they are both wrecking machines so let us see them go at it.

This should have been built sooner. Make one match a draw. A second match end in a double count-out. Not by having one half-assed bout on SmackDown where The Shield ran in and powerbombed Ryback. Come on, lame.

I have no doubt Mark Henry and Ryback will try to put on a good match. I really have no doubt about it. However, if it is one long rest hold… then play out the crowd soundtrack from WrestleMania XX and pull out the popcorn.


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