Posted by: pop-break | March 11, 2013

Pop-Break Live: Great White Caps – ‘Point Break Live!’ [Bell House]

words and photos by bill bodkin…


It was one of the most unique concert experiences.

The fantastic surf rock band, The Great White Caps, performed to a packed crowd at Brooklyn’s Bell House concert venue and bar, on Sunday Night March 10th.

What made it so unique?

It was the band’s patented ‘Point Break Live!’ concert where they perform a surf rock soundtrack to the cult classic action film starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. While the concept of the show might sound like a cute ‘gimmick’ that works on paper…you’d be wrong, brah. The Caps were able to perform original music as well as two covers (the surf classic ‘Sleepwalk’ and Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’) under all the classic Point Break scenes.

The crowd ate it up like Sunday brunch and actually turned the viewing into an almost Rocky Horror Picture Show type experience — yelling out lines from the film, cheering during fight scenes and pointing out every time one could see Keanu Reeves’ nipples.

Check out Pop-Break’s interview with The Great White Caps.


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