Posted by: pop-break | March 7, 2013

Pop-Preview: Bowlive IV at The Brooklyn Bowl

the news desk gets some soul…



A 10-night stand of soul music.

In today’s electro-based wubbity-wub-wub world of popular music, the idea of a 10 night stand of super funky, super soulful music might not be the must lucrative idea for the owner of a massive concert venue.

However, Pete Shapiro, the owner of the absolutely amazing bowling alley/soul food restaurant/concert venue, believed that soul music would not only draw a crowd, but it would make people, of all walks of life, dance like no one was watching.

So he went to his roots — tapping Soulive, the revered jazz/funk/soul trio, (and a band that had a weekly residency at Shapiro’s Wetlands concert venue back in the day) to curate a 10-night concert series where, Soulive would take the stage and jam with some of their closest friends in the music industry. And those friends just happen to be some of the biggest names out there.

The Bowlive run has seen acts like: ?love from The Roots (who has a Thursday night residency at Brooklyn Bowl), American Idol‘s Taylor Hicks, Robert Randolph, DJ Logic, members of Incubus, Ivan Neville, Marco Benevento, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi and countless others grace The Brooklyn Bowl stage. The nights also include Soulive regulars: The Shady Horns, Nigel Hall, Alecia Chakour as well as members of the funk outfit Lettuce (which most of Soulive’s members belong to).

In addition to the music, The Brooklyn Bowl also provides excellent soul food, as provided by the famed Blue Ribbon restaurant. One can quench their thirst with beers provided by, you guessed it, The Brooklyn Brewery, which is located right next door to the venue.

Tickets to the show are available at this link.


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