Posted by: pop-break | February 25, 2013

Pop-Ed: Jack Swagger vs. Glenn Beck

michael dworkis looks at a current WWE controversy…


With all the controversy surrounding Jack Swagger, I think it is high time I threw my two cents in.

Because I can.

Jack Swagger recently came back to WWE television, with one Zeb Colter (‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantel to old school fans) as manager. Zeb, is wrestling legend Dutch Mantell. Together they bring a new gimmick of xenophobia and hate towards those un-American. We have seen this before. JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero. It did not quite make headlines, but these types of issues were not as widespread and recognized by the political media at the time. These issues were present, but, for whatever reason the WWE storyline did not garner such major attention.


Until now.

Swagger and Colter are portraying Tea-party members and the two individuals share their version of what America is. The mainstream media have caught on to the duo and their viral videos. In an age where social media is the real form of spreading news, perhaps that is part of the reason why JBL and Eddie did not immediate gain attention. The thing, the one simple little thing that all these so-called political and media experts forget, is that WWE is a television show. A TV program. It is not real, these guys and gals are all characters, like Big Bang Theory, Fringe, and even Law and Order. They only take what exists in reality and incorporates it into their show. The media goes crazy and now they say WWE is making fun of political groups and the like. Well, they are. It is a TV show. Media reports that WWE is creating a political agenda with their programming. No, they are not, it is just a TV show.

How many times do I need to say it? WWE puts on a show.

Clearly it has not been said enough, because even Glenn Beck decided to chime in and go one step too far, calling those involved with WWE, both wrestlers and fans, “stupid people.”


“Stupid people.”

Had Glenn Beck ever watched WWE? Does he not realize that there is a high chance that many wrestling fans watch his show? Are those “stupid people” too? WWE decided to call out Beck on his attack, and publically invited him to come on Raw and voice is grievances. Beck has a problem and WWE was more than happy to let him come on their show. Open invitation.

Beck declined. He said he had far too many bookings on Monday night. Beck was invited in, and he chickened out.

Let this be a lesson to the so-called news experts who want to bash something to which they have zero knowledge about.

It is just a TV show.



  1. […] it that way. He has a hot gimmick right now, and it would be silly and foolish to make it vanish. With even Glenn Beck chiming in (and backing off when he got called out), WWE has a good thing going, so why stop? Sure, Swagger needs to get punished, because unlike Randy […]

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