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Shipwrecked at the Shore Interview Series: Gay Guy/Straight Guy

bill bodkin interviews Pop-Break’s first headlining band of 2013…


It’s funny how a two-piece band can sound bigger and louder than bands double and triple there size. The Black Keys have done it — and it done it to both popular and critical acclaim.

In Asbury Park, the duo of Bob Paulos and Nick Cucci, collectively known as Gay Guy/Straight Guy, are bringing that same Black Keys-ian feel to the scene. Together the duo bring a fierce and ferocious 90s alternative sound, tearing through chords chords like a melodic chainsaw and evoking memories of ripped jeans, red flannel shirts and dusty Doc Martens.

These guys are the real deal and Pop-Break is proud to have the duo headline their first Shipwrecked at the Shore Music Showcase at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ on February 21.

Pop-Break caught up with Nick Cucci of GG/SG to talk about the duo’s formation and their deep roots in the Asbury music scene.


Our Band Consists Of: Bob Paulos – Drums/Vox, Nick Cucci – Guitar/Vox

We’re Been Performing Since: September 2011

We’re Based Out Of: Asbury Park

Find Our Current Music (online, in stores at):

New Record To Be Released: No release date, but recording a new EP soon

Our Sound Has Been Likened To: Nirvana meets Black Keys

Awesome/Famous Bands We’ve Performed With: Everyone? No one?

Nick Cucci

Nick Cucci

Pop-Break: The concept of the band is pretty simple — one gay guy and one straight guy performing music together. But talk about how you guys came together to perform as a unit?

Nick Cucci: We played in a three piece band called “the fire” in 2005 & 2006. It was short lived, but a lot of fun. We always joked about having a side project called GayGuy/StraightGuy – the name is ridiculous, and it was kind of a joke when we started this project. We were originally going to call it “1991,” but “GayGuy/StraightGuy” just sort of stuck and we went with it. The project started in August 2011. We just randomly caught up and wanted to play some heavier music. We wrote the song “Turner” that first practice and knocked out writing a song a practice for a few weeks. It just sort of built from there.

PB: Your Three Songs EP is killer. How did you develop such a full band sound for a duo?

NC: We just played around with a bunch of different effects and amp combinations until it sounded like a 3 piece.

PB: The band has a definite 90’s grunge sound to it — what is it about that sound has inspired you?

NC: We’re both products of 90’s rock and heavily influenced by that time period. A stripped down, but really dirty rock sound is what we like, and it’s so much fun to play live.

Bob Paulos

Bob Paulos

PB: You guys are entrenched in the Asbury music scene. What are your thoughts about it current state and where your band fits in.

NC: Asbury has an incredible music scene that is strong and supportive of each other. It’s definitely on the map when you mention it in other areas which is something to be proud of. I don’t really know where we fit into it all, just happy to be a part of it. If anything , I think the goal is to play outside of Asbury as much as possible and spread the word about the scene here to try and build it even more.

PB: What are your plans for the band and for you as a solo performer in 2013?

NC: For Gg/Sg, we’re just going to keep playing and moving forward musically (wherever that may be). There isn’t an agenda, it’s just good to get out there in front of people, be loud and have fun.

As a solo artist, I just put out a version of Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World” for the Bands On a Budget comp Under the Covers.

I’m also playing around with other projects and looking to maybe do a few solo recordings this year, but there isn’t a timeline for that. I know Bob is playing and writing in a great new project called Ether Sunday and also has a ton of his own music from his project Give Me Static that he should put out soon (just sayin’ buddy).

Gay Guy/Straight Guy will headline Pop-Break’s Shipwrecked at the Shore Music Showcase along with The Mystery Men and Matt Scuteri & The Jive Stewards at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ. Doors are at 8pm, show at 9pm. It’s 21 & up with a $5 cover.



  1. […] Gay Guy/Straight Guy This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these dudes perform before — it’s just we’ve seen them perform like this. The duo of Bob Paulous (Ether Sunday, Give Me Static) and Nick Cucci (ex-River City Extension), came on stage and proved that a duo can be as loud, furious and a kicker of ass as much as a band double or triple their size. Paulos was absolutely furious on the drums, breaking drumsticks nearly every song — that alone was worth the price of admission. Cucci, who handled guitar and vocal work, was excellent channeling The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age at times. This is a definitely a band we want to see more of. If you want to find out more about Gay Guy/Straight Guy, check out Pop-Break’s interview with … […]

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