Posted by: pop-break | February 15, 2013

Beauty on a Budget: From Fashion Avenue to Main Street: Bring New York Fashion Week 2013 Home

stella morrison brings affordable fashion from the runway to your driveway…



I’m a casual observer of New York Fashion Week. I’ll read about it in the next issue of Harper’s Bazaar, but I don’t typically stalk the blogs and the reports that come out during the weeklong spectacle. This year, I feel like fashion week came and went without too much of a stir, aside from a few Buzzfeed articles analyzing the clothing (or lack thereof) that people wore during last week’s big storm and a list of celebrity sightings.

Even though the show is packed up and gone, the trends it predicted are here to stay. A lot of things just shifted around a little bit for spring—one loud design was swapped for another; cutouts shifted locations; and the list goes on.

Of course, here at BOAB, rocking the next trend depends on two things: accessibility and price. If something’s so outlandish that we can’t imagine putting it anywhere on our bodies, we can probably skip it. If it’s (typically) in the 3-figure range, we can probably skip that too. So here’s a list of four major spring trends that are both accessible and affordable that came straight off the runways and will (hopefully!) end up in your closet.


Trend #1: Railroad Stripe (pictured above)
You may remember these skinny blue stripes on your denim overalls when you were a kid. The new trend, however, isn’t child’s play. Collections from Rag & Bone, Charlotte Ronson and others all brought back the pattern that may have you thinking railway, not runway. It takes a pretty daring person to bring back the overalls (I don’t really miss the 90s, either), but luckily, the new pattern is subdued into a wearable, workable denim. As more spring clothing hits the stores, look out for this pattern in nearly every trendy store out there, so there’s no need to break the bank on anything too fancy.

If you have to have this look today, try these from 2bJayne, sizes 25-31 at a very affordable $39.95 from Amazon.

Trend #2: Front Cutouts
Side, arm, shoulder, chest and back cutouts have all made their way into recent runway collections. However, at New York Fashion Week, the front-cutout dominated. Whether it’s a space covered in mesh or completely open to the elements, the crop popped up all over designs from greats such as Michael Kors and Badgley Mischka. As I’m sure some sage said once, diamond cutouts right above the belly button are the windows to the soul.

This is a difficult trend to find right now, but will be in more mainstream stores closer to springtime. In the meantime, check out this bathing suit from Betsey Johnson, $118, if you plan on taking a nice cruise sometime between now and the start of summer.


Trend #3: The Beanie
Ah yes, the beanie—the hat that just won’t die. It’s just enough slouch to be excusable. No matter what the season, the beanie lives—whether a thick warm one for winter or an airy slouchy one for the warmer months, the beanie is that easy trendy item to throw on before you walk out of the house. Better yet, beanies can be found virtually in any store, and most are in the $10 range. Talk about bang for your buck! Try this red ribbed beanie, $12.28 from Asos.

Trend #4: Mickey Mouse
You read that right! Our little Mortimer Mouse made his appearance all over the runways for the spring. Lucky for us, Mickey Mouse is a lot more accessible, affordable and easier to wear than a front cutout. Try this ¾-sleeve top from Target (a good sleeve length for the spring!), $14.99, sizes xs-xxl, online only.



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