Posted by: pop-break | February 7, 2013

Pop-Preview: Tiny Giant Winter Beach Ball

three days of local rock? the newsdesk can dig it…



Tiny Giant Artist Collective is a community of bands and friends who work together to share their craft with each other and anyone else who is interested and qualified to share in scene.”

It’s pretty radical to see a group of bands come together to foster a scene and promote each other. And that’s what Tiny Giant is all about.

So it comes to no surprise to us that the unit is coming together for a state-spanning three day “Winter Beach Ball” featuring the bulk of the bands involved in the ‘collective.’

Get to the know the bands of The Tiny Giant Artist Collective below…

Friday, Feb 8th Court Tavern – 8pm
124 Church St, New Brunswick

Rocky Catanese (Let Me Run) –
Sara –
Science –
Paper Streets –
Vasudeva –
The Humbolds – (Members of Green Paper, Debut Show)

Saturday Feb 9th Asbury Lanes – 11:30am
209 4th Ave, Asbury Park

The Everymen –
Those Mockingbirds –
Holy City Zoo –
Secret Country –
Life Eaters –
Thomas Francis Takes His Chances –
Cinema Cinema –
Dad Brother –
Meet Pause –
Cicada Radio –
Zac Clark & the Griswolds
Lionel Pryor –
Janet LaBelle –
Lost Romance –

Sunday, Feb 10th Lamp Post – 3pm
382 2nd St, Jersey City

Slow Moves –
The Dark Matters –
Invisible Lines –
Cotton –

Maxwell’s – 6pm
1039 Washington St, Hoboken

I Am The Heat –
Morning –
Vows –
France –
Pour the Pirate Sherry –
Reese Van Riper –


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