Posted by: pop-break | January 31, 2013

Pop-Press: GameChanger World Debut in Freehold

the newsdesk previews an exciting fusion of music and video games…


Music and technology are a perfect one-two combination. Just 10 years ago who would’ve thought we’d be using our phones as media players for all our new music? We were still clutching to our Discman or we were one of the lucky cats who had those new fangled iPods.


But, that’s all in the past and the future is now. The creative minds behind The Bamboozle Fest, Skate & Surf and Max Cruise Entertainment have teamed up with Storm City Games, to create GameChanger World — which will be holding it’s grand unveiling, this Saturday, February 2nd, at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey

“GameChanger World has developed unique mobile games and created strategic partnerships with its music clients. Its management team is a merger between the music and technology industries. John D’Esposito, a successful concert promoter and founder of The Bamboozle, the East Coast’s oldest and largest music festival has cultivated relationships with artists and music industry tastemakers and [Storm City Games’] Steve Newton and Susan Kain bring a strong technological expertise to the company.

By utilizing high-tech state of the art graphics and sound, GameChanger World has developed cutting-edge mobile games enabling fans to make new musical discoveries and providing a primary communication channel to connect with artists, which will ultimately foster the growth of their fan base in size, in loyalty and in revenues.

Rapper T. Mills

Rapper T. Mills

“We are excited about the future,” said GameChanger World founder, D’Esposito. “We’ve always known that connecting artists to their audience means a better experience for both and GameChanger World not only allows bands to entertain and engage, but it also provides an alternative way to reach and ultimately connect with fans.”

GameChanger World will be celebrating it’s launch by bringing gamers and music fans to the massive, iPlay America to enjoy a marathon day of music and video game tournaments where gamers will compete against each another playing mobile and console games for prizes.

The first batch of mobile games from rapper T. Mills, and bands Bayside and Senses Fail are scheduled to begin rolling out this spring and will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices through iTunes and the GameChanger World app (available at More games will be released throughout the year.

Beta versions of the first batch of games will be previewed during the event and fans will also get a chance to compete against T. Mills and members of Bayside and Senses Fail. Doors are at 10:00AM and the event will begin at Noon. For more information about the tournament please visit:

GameChanger World will also present the Skate And Surf Festival, which will be staged at the Plaza Green at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey on May 18 and 19. For more information please visit:



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