Posted by: pop-break | January 24, 2013

TV Recap: Workaholics, ‘A TelAmerican Horror Story’

joel wosk busts out of the cubicle…

Workaholics - orange


Hello friends. A week has passed since we last checked in with our three favorite telemarketers (not a lot of competition in this category, but still). When we last saw Adam, Anders, and Blake they were desperately trying to convince their co-workers that they were worthy of participating in a roast “in honor” of office mate, Bill. In their attempts to gain a greater understanding of (read: stalk) Bill, and then ultimately destroy him at the roast, the guys discover some very personal things about their mark. The events culminate in a climax of disgusting proportions, and at the end of the day a lot of feelings got hurt and no work was done. So basically, it was a pretty typical day in the life for our three heroes.


This week’s episode focuses our attention on Adam and his apparent fear of horror movies and the residual effects they have on him. In the opening scene, Anders and Blake are watching the finale of a particularly scary horror film while Adam stands behind the couch pretending not to be scared. However, by the last scare of the film, Adam is so thoroughly terrified that he cannot get to sleep. By the time the guys get to work the next day, Adam is completely amped up on energy drinks and at the same time thoroughly exhausted from not sleeping at all. While they are in the basement of TelAmeriCorp, they discover an odd portrait of an older gentleman that enrages Alice. Unable to ascertain why this portrait has this effect on people, the boys do what they do best: come up with a completely ridiculous idea and see it through to its completion.


The rest of the episode has the feel and suspense of a horror movie, complete with flickering lights and eerie plastic sheeting blowing around (the office is being renovated). There is even a cameo by Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), which was terrifyingly creepy. The episode gave Adam a chance to be his awesomely deranged self. Combining the amount of caffeine he ingests earlier in the day with the delirium that sets in from lack of sleep later, Adam suffers some pretty freaky hallucinations.

The only difference I’ve noticed over the past two episodes of this season is Ander’s reaction and compliance towards the idiotic ideas devised by his friends. In previous seasons, Anders has been the voice of reason and the most mature member of the crew. Anders is the one who desperately tries to talk Adam and Blake out of their plans, thus rounding out the group dynamic. Because lets face it, if they were all idiots, at this point in their lives they’d probably be dead or in jail. That being said, in this episode, Anders is completely on board with Blake’s obviously stupid plan, and offers no comments or criticisms. It’s a subtle change, but I wonder if it’s something that is going to continue to happen in later episodes. I suppose we shall see next week. Check it out on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10pm.


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