Posted by: pop-break | January 20, 2013

Pop 5: Reasons to Watch GIRLS

lauren stern is just a girl in the world…


When I told our editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin I wanted to start writing about HBO’s GIRLS, his response was, “Can you convince me to watch it? No one has given me a legitimate reason to watch it.” Then we thought, there’s got to be a handful of souls out there without Lena Dunham’s brilliance in their lives. Thus, this piece was born.

So Bill and everyone else who hasn’t checked out one of HBO’s hottest series, here, in no particular order, are 5 legitimately good reasons (I hope…) to watch GIRLS.

5. The Sex

Everyone loves sex scenes and GIRLS has plenty of them. But unlike some other television shows, the sex, most of the time, is really uncomfortable. This is mostly due Hannah’s current psychopath ex Adam (Adam Driver)’s absurd dirty talk and the many unexpected hook-ups [Case in point: Marnie (Allison Williams) and Hannah’s gay ex-Elijah (Andrew Rannells).] But while the sex is sometimes cringe-worthy, it’s one of the many reasons why this show is so funny.


4. Judd Apatow is on board
The mastermind behind: Freaks and Geeks, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Knocked Up and the producer of Anchorman, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is involved. Yes, Apatow is an executive producer of the show along with the brilliant brains of Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner. Enough said.


3. It’s Realistic and Relatable
Both guys and gals can relate to the lives of Hannah (Zosia Mamet), Lena (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), and Jessa (Jemima Kirke) unless you’ve never had your heart-broken, never been a teenager or a post-college 20-something year old, or never had dreams.


2. The one-liners
One perpetual feature about ‘GIRLS’ is that there’s a ton of unforgettable and hilarious one-liners. I didn’t want to spoil it or confuse anyone by listing them all so instead, here are two of my favorites from Season 1 and Season 2 so far.



1. Lena Dunham
It’s probably really cliché to say that the main reason to watch a show is the main character and main writer, but I can’t sit here and not say how brilliant Dunham is. The two-time Golden Globe winner is a star on and off the screen and if you don’t believe me just watch her recent interviews with Jon Stewart and Howard Stern. She may have gotten various criticisms about herself and the show as of late, but she undeniably handles herself with grace and class in every situation.


Season 2 of ‘GIRLS’ is currently airing Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.


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