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Beauty on a Budget: New Year, New Trends

stella morrison debuts for Pop-Break with a new fashion column…


It’s the new year, and of course, it’s time for resolutions. If you’re a trend lover like I am, your resolutions may include putting your best fashion foot forward. The winter trends are right at their peak, and there’s still a lot of winter ahead to get good use out of the new and continuing trends of the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 season.

But one unfortunate downside of loving the runway is its catwalk all over your wallet. Designer’s trendy seasonal pieces can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s not money most of us can afford to spend, and certainly not on a piece that will look completely out of place next season or next winter. Lucky for us, cheaper retailers hop on the trendy bandwagon.


In this article, I’ll cover four trends—two new for the season and two continuing trends—and some examples of how you can incorporate them into your own looks on the cheap.

Trend #1- Florals

One strong focus of the Winter 2013 season is all about letting the spring creep into your clothes! Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs splashed the floral pattern all over the runway this season, which stays just muted enough to still be considered February fab. The pattern, which could be confused with Grandma’s sofa if not done right, gets a fresh new makeover in an updated piece, such as these tailored blazers from Target. Another great choice? This dress from H&M, only $34.95 and comes in sizes 2-16.

Also check out, a blazer with a short crop or defined lines puts everyday style into this trendy pattern. Made by Xhiliration by Target, it runs sizes xs-xxl, $24.99, at Target.

Trend #2- The Peplum


The peplum, that fabric on a dress or shirt that sticks out dramatically at the waist, has been hanging out (pun totally intended) and making women very happy since the Spring 2012 season. While these dramatic flares typically fade out by season’s end, it seems that the peplum is here to stay. The structured shirt is good with a pair of skinny jeans and basic shoes—remember, one stand-out item like a peplum is enough for one outfit! Try this example by Bar III, sizes XS-XL, $69 at Macy’s, or this one by Soprano, currently on sale for $25.99 at Macy’s (currently only available in 2X).

Trend #3- Sea Green

Sea green is one of the many gorgeous shades that dominated the runways for the fall/winter 2013 collection. Sea green is one of those colors that won’t be too hard to find or wear. Look in any store, and shades in that blue chunk of the color wheel are dotting everything from shoes to scarves.

I would recommend trying a sea green as an accessory. A blouse or pants may be too much for some people who don’t look good in cool colors. Plus, once the shade goes out, it may sit in your closet until your next round of Salvation Army donations. My eye is on this H&S handbag (a brand, I confess, I never heard of until I began to research this story). This is more of an investment piece at $135, but the structured bag style is a classic, and the gold accents lend some simple elegance. Although thecolor may be out by spring, the bag is something you can easily use for a very long time.


Trend #4- Studs

Ah, studs. Studs are that edgy accent that has appeared on every single wearable item on God’s good earth since its debut. Like most trends that hang around for great lengths of time, the market has been utterly oversaturated with studs-this and spikes-that. Indeed, some look intense enough to kill a small animal, conveniently clustered on the toe of a tough punk-looking boot.

I confess: I love the stud trend. I think studs add pizazz to pieces that otherwise may fall flat. Finding pieces that I like with studs, though, has been a feat in itself. Lengthy spikes, fully covered boots, shirts with Lady Gaga-esque points sticking out the shoulders—they’re all unnecessary. Trust me, less is definitely more. I would suggest an accessory as opposed to an item of clothing. Try this shoe by Dolce Vita—it comes in either black or red, and there are a polite amount of non-spikey studs. It’s the tasteful signature to a winter outfit and a great selection for warmer winter days. Bonus: this loafer-style shoe will take you into the spring, getting you another season of wear and justifying the price. Invest now, because I don’t think this trend will die out anytime soon. Sizes 6-10 with half sizes, $59.94 at DSW stores and online.


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