Posted by: pop-break | December 27, 2012

Album Review: ‘An Ovation for Innovation’ by Lovelectric

brendan williams reviews the debut EP from the new brunswick band destined for big things…



Lovelectric is spearheaded by lead singer/guitarist Doug Rockwell, an experienced musician, audio engineer, and producer in the tri-state area. Founded as “The Doug Rockwell Band” in 2010, Lovelectric is the product of hard work and dedication from musicians who genuinely love to play their instruments.


The band recently put out their first EP entitled An Ovation For Innovation which features six explosively catchy rock/pop songs. It’s hard to tell that this is the band’s first EP as it sounds perfectly executed, recorded, engineered, and produced (a testament to the band as well as Doug Rockwell’s audio engineering and producing skills). The opening track “I Am,” sets the pace for what is an upbeat and cheerful album topped with rich vocal harmonies. Also, a shout-out to Mike DiGuglielmo on drums is deserved as he really provides a solid backbone for the sound Lovelectric is striving to achieve. “Live Again,” is a solid track that starts off slow but picks up and packs everything from gang vocals to a very catchy chorus, a half-time drum beat/guitar solo segment, and a nice little acoustic guitar part tucked in near the ending.

Overall, An Ovation For Innovation really stands out and lives up to what the band hopes to achieve: a breath of fresh air to what music has evolved into today. For more info on Lovelectric or An Ovation For Innovation be sure to check out the band’s Facebook page and bandcamp.


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