Posted by: pop-break | November 24, 2012

Pop-Press: Skate & Surf Festival 2013

bill bodkin talks about the experience of discovery…

It’s official, the return of The Skate & Surf Festival has been officially announced. The two-day event will take place the weekend of May 18 and May 19 at the iPlay America & Encore Events Center in Freehold, New Jersey.

More information on the event will more than likely be published on the festival’s official Facebook page as well as their Twitter feed.

Journalists and music fans alike spent hours putting this puzzle together.

While the official story ends there, the experience of finding out about the location and date of The Skate & Surf Festival was one of the most unique experiences we’ve witnessed.

S&S honcho, John D, the man who founded and spearheaded The Bamboozle Fest for many a year as well as the runner of the renowned booking agency Max Cruise, put in play a series of hype-inducing riddles and cyber puzzles across various social media. It was genuinely a stroke of marketing genius and we’re not saying that so we can get into the festival to cover it.

It was absolutely maddening, trying to solve the riddles and guess where the location of the show would be taking place. Pop-Break along with Speak Into My Good Eye, spent the night postulating where it’d be — PNC Bank Arts Center, Asbury Park, Bader Airfield in Atlantic City, Raceway Park in Englishtown, Monmouth Park in Freehold? SIMGE did call it earlier in the day that it would be at the brand new entertainment venue iPlay America, so kudos to our colleagues for being forward thinkers!

The reason we’re commenting on this experience is that it excites us about what Skate & Surf has to offer. If they can drive hundreds of fans into a frenzy — keeping them glued to their computers till the wee hours of the morning just for a date and venue; can you imagine what lies ahead? There’s a lot of hints from the organizers about who’s performing. Mentions of Drive-Thru Records, Skrillex, Steel Train, fun. and our old friend DJ Prime, we were made throughout the night. Reunions and farewell performances were also mentioned.

We cannot wait to keep you up-to-date on this festival. After the loss of The Bamboozle Fest in Asbury, we’re excited for our home state and our home region to get a major festival back.


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