Posted by: pop-break | November 6, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: Skyfall

bill bodkin looks at the latest bond film…


Theater, Rent, Avoid, UndecidedTheater. I love the James Bond film franchise — have since my father first showed me Goldfinger when I was a wee lad. I’ve grown into the opinion that Sean Connery is the best Bond of all-time, but Daniel Craig comes in a close second. Craig, like Connery, is a more physical Bond who relies on his fists as much as much as he does his wits. He’s still slick, sarcastic and savvy, but he’s tough — not the fancy dandy of a Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan.

In Skyfall, I think we may be witnessing the best Bond film in decades. Now I loved Casino Royale, but the addition of Ralph Fiennes as the new M and Ben Whishaw as the new Q, as well as a kick-ass Bond girl in Naomie Harris plus a seriously good actor in Javier Bardem as the villain, could make Skyfall the best acted Bond ever. Plus, the action just looks off the chain. So crack open those Heinenken bottles (Bond’s new drink) and let’s kick this high octane film in gear. –BB


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