Posted by: pop-break | October 24, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum: Tricks or Treats

ann hale exorcises her opinions…


Last week’s episode of American Horror Story Asylum left us with a one armed Leo bleeding out on the floor and potentially going into shock and Teresa trying to find a way out through the underground tunnel where she runs into Bloody Face.

This week’s episode, entitled “Tricks and Treats,” picks up where last week left off. Teresa is forced to run for her life from Bloody Face and attempts to save Leo but cannot drag him away in time. She locks herself in a room and watches through the door as Bloody Face goes on a stabbing spree on poor Leo’s body.

We are then taken to 1964, the day before Halloween, where Wendy (Clea Duvall) is a wreck over signing the papers to have Lana committed and plans to recant the next day. In what seems like more than a coincidence to me, as she is getting ready for bed, she finds Bloody Face in her house. She pleads for her life as her students wouldn’t understand her death, but it is to no avail. We now have proof that Kit is not the serial killer as he is locked up in the asylum.

During a room search, Sister Jude finds notes inside Lana’s pillowcase and takes them. When Lana tells her that she has an excellent memory and doesn’t need them, Jude goes straight to Dr. Arden to request electroshock to help remove those memories.

A possessed boy is admitted by his parents after speaking in strange languages and gutting their horse.

Lana and Grace plot their escape through the tunnel based on the few memories Lana has left. Her only stipulation is that Kit cannot come as she believes him to be a murderer.

Dr. Arden turns out to be a lot more screwed up than we originally thought.

We are given a glimpse into Sister Jude’s questionable past before becoming a nun.

New characters introduced this week:

Dr. Oliver Thredson- Played by Zachary Quinto, Thredson is a court appointed psychiatrist. His job is to determine whether or not the criminal is sane. In this episode, he is talking to Kit, learning about the supposed alien abduction and concluding that Kit is, in fact, insane. He also has approached Jude about the barbaric practices used within the asylum walls.

Joel- Played by Devon Graye, whom you might know as young Dexter on Dexter, is a boy possessed by a demon. Dr. Thredson thinks he is mentally unstable but Jude believes what he needs is an exorcism.

This week’s episode was intense. The exorcism was some crazy shit. We are talking some Linda Blair in The Exorcist type stuff. We have priests getting levitated and thrown into walls, scary deep voices, and one very intense scene involving Sister Jude. There is even a little surprise at the end.

There are large amount of bare asses in this episode from both men and women. I mean an insane amount of bare ass. No pun intended.

I am now about 90% positive that I know the identity of Bloody Face. I won’t share that theory, as I tend to be right about these things but I would love to hear other ideas on the matter.

This week was a vast improvement over the premiere. It was far more eventful and they are really building towards something that I know we couldn’t possibly even prepare for. I am really enjoying Jessica Lange and I predict that Lily Rabe will begin to be a scene stealer as Sister Mary Eunice.

I find myself salivating like Pavlov’s dog at the mere sound of the theme song. I have been given a taste of insanity and I just want more and more. I cannot wait to see what next week brings.


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