Posted by: pop-break | August 23, 2012

Pop-Break Live: Nicole Atkins at The Stone Pony

words by bill bodkin and photos by patrick brady…

They say three times is a charm and for me, seeing Nicole Atkins perform live for the third time, I can easily say that this third concert was without a doubt her best.

The beautiful Jersey Shore songbird delivered an absolutely electric and captivating performance at her homebase, The Stone Pony in Asbury Park earlier this month. Performing to a packed house, Atkins projected a completely new vibe — a free spirited songstress who was loving every second of being onstage while delivering firey, from the depths of the soul vocal performance.

It’s always an awesome thing as an audience member to see a musician having as much fun, if not more, fun than you are listening to them. Atkins’ playfulness was as enchanting and engaging as her magnificently sultry voice.

It should also be noted that there were a number of new members in her backing band, who according to some rumors floating about The Stone Pony, were performing with her for the first time ever. If there’s truth to this rumor, you would’ve never have known this was the band’s first show together. This was a tight knit unit. The incorporation of a horn section and keyboards to Atkins’ band really helped flesh out a fuller sound to Atkins’ songs.

Nicole Atkins is a performer who should be seen live. She’s such a captivating musician that has to be experienced in order to be appreciated and in the end — cherished.

Before checking out the photos of the show — check out Pop-Break’s interview with Nicole Atkins.


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