Posted by: pop-break | March 29, 2012

Pop-Break Live: Shipwrecked at The Shore (3/22)

words and photos by bill bodkin…

It was a night loud riffs, melodic vocals and good times at The Wonder Bar on Thursday March 22nd. Pop-Break’s final Shipwrecked at The Shore for the month ended on a high note with Asbury locals Give Me Static and The Obvious and Red Bank’s Plus Plus Minus gracing the stage.


Give Me Static rocked the Wonder Bar with their take on 90s grunge and alternative. Vacillating between raw, rip ’em up riffs and more mellow and thoughtful grooves, GMS really impressed everyone in attendance at The Wonder Bar. We’d also like to point out how much GMS’ sound is based on sound distortion and pedal work from singer/guitarist Bob Paulos — look at the 2nd photo in our array from their set.

Check out Bill Bodkin’s interview with Give Me Static


The Obvious tore things up — literally and figuratively. Lead singer Angie Sugrim went all out, dancing the in the crowd, stealing beers from the lead singer of Status Green, jumping and thrashing around stage with reckless abandon. But it wasn’t all alt rock theatrics from The Obvious, this is a supertight band that slayed the audience at The Wonder — all in prep for their performance as the backing band for The Sugar Hill Gang later in the week.

Read Bill Bodkin’s interview with The Obvious


The power trio comprised of members of The Gay Blades, The Churchills, dibs, The Poconos, Boy/Girl, Hello Lovely, etc. absolutely killed it. The vocals of Jed Higgerson are absolutely sublime…pure rock ‘n’ roll goodness that I tell you should be on a major label. PPM is a band I cannot recommend enough to see live — they play locally a lot, so get and see them, pronto!

Read Lauren Stern’s interview with Plus Plus Minus


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