Posted by: pop-break | February 17, 2012

Pop-Break Live: Lost In Society at The Asbury Lanes

pop-break catches the New Jersey pop-punk band in Asbury Park …

Words and Photos by Bill Bodkin

Pop-Break was in the house at The Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, N.J., last week for the New Jersey record release party for Lost In Society and American Pin-Up’s split EP. It was a night of bowling, beers and really, really good music. If you’ve never been to the venue before, think a smaller version of the Brooklyn Bowl, but with wood paneling and tater tots. And to me, that’s an awesome combination. The bands performed on stage situated in the center of the alley with cult films playing behind them for a really, really cool and punk-rock feel. Also, you can’t knock $10 all you can bowl either.

The night’s music was fantastic — upbeat, energetic, raw, exploding with passion — a perfect night of independent music. Check out our photos and thoughts below. Oh and lest I forget, random celeb of the night — former 92.3 K-Rock and vh1 VJ Kane was in the house.


If you wanted a ferociously tight, female fronted punk rock ‘n’ roll band, The Obvious satiated your every need. Frontwoman Angie Sugrim killed it — overflowing with charisma and commanding the stage like she owned the joint. The band has a very cool ’90s alternative throwback feel to its sound. It really evoked that early grungy, visceral Seattle sound.


I really like this band a lot. Lead singer Lauren West has a terrific voice — it reminds me of an old school mid-’90s, pre-fame Gwen Stefani. The set was very fun, energetic and something the crowd really dug. And it’s cool to see mostly locals-only crowd get behind an out-of-state band like this.


The hometown boys really brought it. What I really dig about LIS is that their sound brings me back to my early teens when the skateboard punk scene of New Jersey was really thriving. Memories of early Bouncing Souls, H20 and countless others pour through my soul every time I hear these dudes. They’ve got a tight sound, they know how to sing, they understand melody and harmony and they know how to rock the house. And major props to the band for bringing their ’80s alter-ego Booger Sugar out at the end to perform two awesome covers — “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “You Give Love A Bad Name.” If this whole Lost In Society thing doesn’t work out, these boys would make a killer ’80s tribute band. I think they’ll be okay with LIS, though.


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