Posted by: pop-break | November 8, 2011

Pop-Break Live: Frank Turner in NYC

jeanne crump checks out the Epitaph recording artist at The Bowery Ballroom …

If there is one man who could take over the world with his guitar, it would be Frank Turner. Writing lyrics with endless conviction, Tuner plays music that’s like a bible for those wandering souls who say “fuck off” to society’s ball ‘n chain charades. So it’s no wonder he has gained one massive, loyal fanbase in a relatively short period of time. I’m damn proud to say I’m one of them.

Luckily, I was able to catch his set last Thursday (Nov. 3) at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Appropriately, the set began with “Eulogy,” the first track off his newest album, England Keep My Bones. As the crowd raised their fists and shouted “But on the day I die I’ll say at least I fucking tried! That’s the only Eulogy I’ll need, that’s the only Eulogy I’ll need,” we sipped our beers and welcomed The Man on stage.

With every song, excitement in the crowd grew. Wasting no time, Frank and The Sleeping Souls churned out “Try This At Home,” “I Still Believe,” and “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous.” More of a sing-a-long than a paid performance, Frank ushered his fans along with him, furiously strumming with a smile on his face. It was a glory-filled rock ‘n’ roll baptism. The show carried on with “Love Song And Ire,” “Substitute,” and “English Curse” before the Frank led the audience in an air harmonica session. With noises ranging from shrieks to melodic hums, we all gave it our best and humored our trusty leader. After sharing a few laughs we moved onto the air guitar session, which went a bit better. He even amused us with pulling a mini American flag out of his pocket and urged us to resist the man (using his awry wit humor, of course.)

But the “air sessions” didn’t last long — the band broke into “Peggy Sang The Blues” and a few other new tracks. Then as things were silent, Frank boasted “to the east, to the east” and together we sang, shouted, and cheered quite possibly one of the most motivational “just hit the road and go” songs ever written. The night was almost complete. That was until the “Thunder Road” cover and Frank’s round of thanks for everyone from his band to the venue’s sound guy. Frank said, “It’s a magic trick, a roomful of equals transforming.” He’s a humble guy, that Frank Turner.

Of course we didn’t just let him walk off stage. He finished the night the only way we could imagine him to –by not sitting down and not shutting up. “Photosynthesis” wrapped up the party with a fiery intensity. And the only thing left to do was get another round at the bar.



  1. Awesome review … wish I could’ve been at the show! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, JEANNE!!

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