Posted by: pop-break | September 29, 2011

Pop-Break Two-Year Anniversary

pop-break co-founder brent johnson reflects on the last two years …

Two years ago, this site was nothing but two guys writing lists about music and movies on a WordPress blog.

Back then, it was called The B&B Entertainment Blog — the B&B being Bill Bodkin and Brent Johnson, the longtime journalists who wanted to write about what they loved: popular culture. There was little thought that one day we’d change the site’s name, have a staff of about a dozen writers and interview people like “Weird Al” Yankovic, Nils Lofgren and members of Styx, The Dropkick Murphys and Cake.

That, however, is just a small portion of what has become two years later. Somehow, from our corner of the world — New Brunswick, N.J. — we manage to churn out amazing copy on a daily basis. We’ve spoken to Aimee Mann on the phone. Covered Dave Matthews Bands’ summer festival. Reviewed countless movies and albums.

And a large part of the reason is because of our tremendous staff. Pop-Break has gone from two friends on their laptops to a network of smart, talented people. We’d like to thank some of the key players on our two-year anniversary …

Logan J. Fowler
In many ways, he’s Pop-Break’s most underrated aspect. Logan was the first outside writer to join the the site — and he’s been a key creative force ever since. He’s more than our resident expert on comics, video games and Green Day. He’s also a witty writer, a great friend and the author of our site’s first-ever story to make WordPress’ front page.

Jason Kundrath
He’s been a source of inspiration to us for years, first at Rutgers University’s student newspaper, The Daily Targum. Now, Jason is our key source to some of the best bands that the vaunted New York/New Jersey music scene has to offer. Read any ‘Rath on Record — they all have such fantastic insight into music.

Jason Stives
Another Rutgers grad, Jason joined Pop-Break only in the last year — but he’s been tireless in making up for it. No one besides Bill write more stories. And he’s also an expert on music and film history, with a flair for in-depth, intelligent interviews and incisive analysis on pop culture.

Maxwell Barna
Max is a Rutgers student who can write well, for sure. And he’s got wicked opinions and a deep well of music knowledge. But he’s also a fantastic photographer with a penchant for unusual angles and shots. See his great photos from the Governors Ball and DMB Caravan for proof.

Joe Zorzi
Like Max, it’s amazing to think that Joe is still a Rutgers student. He has what’s truly needed to be a great music journalist: a pure passion for the sounds and bands he loves. He’s also Pop-Break’s czar of social media.

Jeanne Crump
Like Jason Kundrath, she’s a valuable lifeline to some of the best rising bands in the New York/New Jersey area. Jeanne sees music for what it should be: a medium meant to be spread about, from person to person, to love and cherish.

Daniel Cohen
Few people can cut through a film with so much wit — and with such concise writing — as Dan. Like Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, he gets to the point, but does it with flash.

Colleen & Molly Hurford
They bring something to the site we never expected: fashion. Their couture reviews are bright, funny and some of the most popular pieces Pop-Break has ever produced.

Erin Petrie
Erin is another Rutgers grad and another writer to join the site this year. But she’s a master of music knowledge — both popular and arcane — and she’s already the author of a cool series: Music Cities, U.S.A., in which she breaks down famous music towns.

Michael Dworkis
He’s a relatively new addition to Pop-Break, but he already does something we thought only Bill could do: write about pro wrestling for the common man to enjoy. He also has interesting opinions on everything from comics to George Lucas to anime.

Ilona Pamplona
Ilona has a rare trait in journalism: the ability to make interviews personal yet universal. She’s also written pieces abroad — i.e., the music scene in China.

And there are a string of other writers who have contributed great pieces, photos and graphics over the last two years: Kara Baranski (who designed our wonderful logo), Ann Hale, Veronica Slaght, Sue, Guiliano Messina, Christian Uhl and Kimberlee Rossi.

Thank you, everyone. You’re the ones who make this site what it is, every day.


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