Posted by: pop-break | November 3, 2010

B&B Eats: The McRib!

bill bodkin gets saucy with a quick review of the McRib…

Like Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster and the Jersey Devil before it, The McRib has been something of an urban legend in my life. This mythically awesome McDonald’s sandwich was a much lamented, highly beheld piece of epicurean history.

For example, my boss loves the McRib so much that he ritualistically checks the McRib Locator website before he goes on a business trip or vacation in hopes he can find a Mickey D’s that still serves up his favorite sandwich. And yes, there are a scattered few franchises that regularly serve the McRib.

My point, people really love the McRib.

Then, out of the blue, McDonald’s announced that the McRib would return to the regular menu for a limited six week run. This the first time the sandwich has been on the menu since 1995 when it was tied into the co-promotion between McDonald’s and the first Flintstones movie.

So I decided that after all the hype and mythos I’ve read, heard and seen about the McRib, I went out and bought one.

And I must say that the McRib lived up to all the hype. I understand that this is a fast food sandwich and that there are restaurants out there that serves amazing BBQ sandwiches, brisket and ribs. But, this is still an amazingly tasty sandwich. The pork is a smooth, moist and succulent patty and goes down real smooth. The sauce is an awesomely tangy, sweet and delicious sauce that is incredibly flavorful. Combine that with a soft roll and you’ve got a smooth, light yet filling meal. It’s the perfect type of food for the fall — warming the bones as the ides of autumn try to chill your bones.

So people of America, you have six weeks to experience the awesomeness that is the McRib before it vanishes into the epicurean mists and back into mythological heights in our culinary hearts.


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