Posted by: pop-break | September 29, 2010

Blog on Blogs: The Best, Worst & Critics Choice of the B&B

the staff looks at the most well-read, the least-read and our personal favorites …

The Most Well-Read Blogs on the B&B

1.) The Decade & Reality TV (Posted January ’10) Written by Nicoletta Kotsianas
A look at reality television from the beginning of the decade with Regis Philbin and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to the glut of reality shows that appears on nearly every channel.

2.) Guest Blog: MTV’s Jersey Shore (Posted December ’09) Written by Sue-Ann Bodkin
A hysterical review of the first episode of what would eventually become one of the most talked-about and watched shows on MTV. It’s a situation for sure, bro.

3.) Can Kings of Leon Save Rock (Posted April ’10) Written by Brent Johnson
Can the power rock ‘n’ roll outfit from the South bring save the dying genre?

4.) Interview: Kenny Loggins (Posted September ’09) Written by Brent Johnson
One of the first blogs we ever posted. Originally run in The Trenton Times, we were truly on the “highway to the danger zone” when we posted this dynamite story.

5.) Interview: Sinbad, Yes, Sinbad (Posted October ’09) Written by Brent Johnson
This is the post that put us on the map. From its debut until mid-January, this was the most well-read blog on our site. I have no idea why.

The Record Setter
Top 10 Comic Book Movies (Posted May ’10) Written by Logan J. Fowler
This blog hit WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” list, which is a true honor. Freshly Pressed means that the people who run the WordPress site loved this blog and put it on their front page. In one day, this blog got over 1,000 reads!

Brent & Bill’s Favorites…

The Office: The New Shakespeare
I often make bold declarations about pop-culture. ‘This is the greatest Duran Duran record ever!’ But this is one I truly believe: Ricky Gervais’ original, British version of The Office is the closest modern culture has come to Shakespeare. I’m sticking to it.

In Memoriam: Hero Pattern
This is what shines about Bill’s writing: bringing personal emotions into something universal. In this case, saying farewell to a great band with local ties. It’s something I hope our blog does more of: making pop-culture more personal and more local. Bill is a master of it.

B&B Eats: Applebee’s
I agree Brent’s Office blog is awesome, but his Applebee’s piece is one of the most talked-about. To me, this typifies the sometimes cantankerous, but always amusing, and somehow completely logical, thoughts that run through the mind of Brent Johnson.

Review of Inception
As someone who isn’t a fan of their own work, it’s hard to choose. I did love my Hero Pattern piece and consider my Dane Cook piece my break-out work. But, it’s my review of Inception — one I wrote on two hours of sleep after the midnight showing — that people have talked about the most. They said it was my best piece on the site.

The “In Need of Love Blogs” — A.K.A. Please Read These Little-Read Posts!

1.) Indie Double Feature: Black Dynamite & Moon

2.) Review: Zombieland

3.) Are Guitar Heros and Rock Bands Done?

4.) Preview/Review: The Good Guys

5.) Own, Rent, Avoid: Sword & Sandal Flicks



  1. Excellent choices.

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